COUSSÉE & GORIS architecten


°1959, Roeselare (BE)
1978-83 architectural studies at Sint-Lucas Architecture Academy, Ghent (BE)
1984-85 collaborator of Prof. ar. Rob Krier in Vienna (AT)
1985-1986 collaborator of Hermann & Valentiny in Vienna (AT) and Remerschen (LU)
1998 foundation COUSSÉE & GORIS architecten

°1960, Brussel (BE)
1979-84 architectural studies at Sint-Lucas Architecture Academy, Ghent (BE)
1984-86 collaborator of Ar. Ivano Gianola in Mendrisio - Ticino (CH)
1992-now teaching at Sint-Lucas Architecture Academy, Brussels/Ghent (BE)
1998 foundation COUSSÉE & GORIS architecten


Jan Baes, Evelyne Baeten, Luc Binst, Robrecht Bouciqué, Martine Callewaert, Niek Capoen, Xavier Claerhout, Julie D'Aubioul, Rani De Backer, Floris De Bruyn, Gijs De Cock, Jonas De Decker, Niels Decoster, Frank De Raes, Lieven De Groote, Thomas De Ridder, Joris De Schepper, Griet De Vriese, Martine De Waele, Brigitte D'Hoore, Tim Deltour, Tomás Dolezal, Javier Guzmán Domínguez, Frank Hooghe, Jana Jandová, Wim Lahousse, Ghislain Lams, Celine Maes, Bart Mahieu, Salvador Mérida, Griet Ollivier, Frederic Pauwels, Ricardo Ploemen, Cristine Remen, Marlies Saelaert, Isabel Seruda, André Spies, Kaat Standaert, Peter Swinnen, Ine Temmerman, Stefaan Tiberghien, Delphine Van Aerde, Steven Van Den Bergh, Kenneth Van Nieuwenhuyze, Valérie Van Roy Dries Vens, Emanuel Verstraete, Hana Vojtová, Robin Von Winckelman, Sofie Watelie, Douwe Wieërs


Molenaarsstraat 111/25, B-9000 Gent

t 0032 9 265 85 20
f 0032 9 265 85 29


"The oeuvre they have realized in the course of twenty years demonstrates the fact that Coussée & Goris do not obstinately seek to achieve radical modernist innovation for its own sake. Both architects carefully guard the age-old traditions that are involved in the construction of buildings. The team’s architecture bears witness to an authentic design that is based on an intriguing play of patterns, themes and construction methods, which reveals both the “thinking and doing” that underlies architecture. The architects seek inspiration in art and poetry. The functioning and scenic power of the landscape are the foundation of their architecture. Their projects include the master plan for the Recreation and Nature Park De Hoge Rielen (2001), the conversion of an industrial transformer complex in Zwevegem into a multifunctional urban landscape (2006), the construction of a factory unit in Roeselare (1998) and the conversion of a furniture shop into a school of architecture in Brussels (1999). In 2008 construction work will begin on a crematorium in Hofheide that was designed by Coussée & Goris in collaboration with RCR Architects from Spain. Teaming up with RCR Architects also won them the Dubai International Award for a five-towered townscape.

In 2006 a monograph about Coussée & Goris’ work was published, which also features the visual art and poetry that inspire their work."

Source: Art Flanders 08. Antwerpen, VAI, Flemish Architecture Institute, 2008

COUSSÉE & GORIS architectuur/architecture
Text: Koen Van Synghel
Design & typography: Filiep Tacq
Ludion, 2006
30 x 23cm
192 p.
Nederlands, English
ISBN 978-90-5544-591-2